Monday, September 28, 2009


I must say I'm getting a bit disillusioned with blogging, and I knew this would happen. At first it was a lark mostly because I like to write and comment on books, which is my passion. I had no expectations for-- or even desires for--- any certain "blog fame". I was just having fun. A friend suggested that I put on a Stat Counter to see how many would be actually reading it. I did so. At first, I was really surprised that anyone at all was reading them; then I was surprised that there were so many reading them; then I got all hung up on the numbers rather than the actual writing of the book reviews. At that time, I would see the numbers get smaller and smaller which began to bother me---what did I say? Now I don't know where I am in regards to this blog. My wife looked at me in frustration and said,"You told me that you really enjoyed writing these book reviews. What does it matter if only a few are reading them? The enjoyment is in the writing. You must either give it all up, or continue, but take off that stupid Stat Counter and concentrate on your writing". How come she's so smart? So I have to mull it all over, and come to a decision.

By the way, I'm now reading THE LOST SYMBOL by Dan Brown. The novel is not that well written, silly at times, but I'm really enjoying it, I have to admit. Dan Brown is a smart man. There's so much suspense, surprises, and amazing information on certain things that it actually makes reading this book an adventure. My wife is anxiously waiting for me to finish reading it so she can. Oh! Margaret Atwood has a new novel out, part of her "speculative fiction" phase, AND (wait for it) my wife does NOT want to buy it. She keeps saying,"later". Aha! Now that's telling.

I may do the God Books next, God knows.


  1. Hope you continue with your reviews and reflections...enjoy reading them..some are inspiring indeed!

  2. Love your book reviews and enjoy your reflections - I notice there aren't a lot of comments to your posts but I'm sure there are others such as I who look forward to your entries! and just don't respond.