Monday, May 3, 2010


There was a definite concern within our household this weekend, mostly to do with books. While I am pretty well set finishing off Ian McEwan's SOLAR(excellent novel, more about that later) and ready to dive into FLAWLESS by Selby and Campbell, my wife is without a read. This happens sometimes. So my wife dug out a short story collection by Margaret Atwood, and proceeded to read them as if nothing is amiss. Margaret Atwood. Now as far as I'm concerned, this is a disturbing regression. One that requires immediate action. Then this happened:

I was reading the Globe & Mail Saturday evening when, low and behold, there was an advertisement from Chapters/Coles announcing a two day sale consisting of a buy one get the other half price. How wondrous is that? I informed my wife, and we planned a Sunday jaunt to the Mall, which we rarely ever do.

I must take this time to thank Heather Reisman for this unexpected joyeous shopping romp. And I must apologize to her for calling her 'mean' in my last post. Sorry, didn't mean it. I received a detailed courteous response from the VP of Chapters(posted in comments) explaining their situation and how everything played out regarding the Coles at the Shopping Center. It's just the way things happen, there's no one to blame. I thank her for that. But I wish that when they bed down for the night, when eyelids are heavy, and sleep is nigh, the idea of a Chapters in Sydney, CB, flutters by; and they say," Hmmm, good idea!" By the by, that the exact time you get your best ideas. That's proven, I think.

My wife and I spent well over one hundred dollars at Coles on Sunday. And the capable, affable young clerk at Coles took 50% off. Excellent, I must say. My wife got THE BOOK OF NEGROES by Lawrence Hill, and a couple of other bargain bin books. By the way, I picked up a 1st edition of a Joyce Carol Oates novel in a bargain bin this year. How cool is that? I bought PARROT & Olivier IN AMERICA, by Peter Carey. Carey is one of my favourite writers(Written up in an earlier post). We also bought a couple of books for a friend as a gift who is leaving the country for awhile.

Altogether a good experience, AND Margaret Atwood is gone back to her coveted place on my wife's bookcase. Good for Margaret.

Next post will be Ian McEwan's SOLAR. Fascinating novel.

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